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New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand has 8 state-funded universities. Each university offers degrees in a large choice of subjects and has strengths in specialized professional degrees.

If you have decided to study in New Zealand, you indeed have made a smart choice! Courses in New Zealand are known for their excellent standards of quality and detail. International students from across the world are coming to this amazing nation to pursue higher studies and embark on a global career. Study abroad in New Zealand consultants are helping many students from India go to this land of academic excellence every year.

New Zealand is an island country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It comprises two main landmasses, the North Island and the South Island, as well as numerous smaller islands. The country is known for its stunning natural landscapes, including mountains, beaches, and forests. It’s also geologically active, with volcanoes and geothermal areas. Wellington is the Capital of New Zealand and Auckland is one of the laregest cities in New Zealand(other major cities include Christchurch, Hamilton, and Dunedin).New Zealand’s population was approximately 5 million people. The country has a diverse population, including indigenous Māori people and a mix of European, Asian, and Pacific Islander ethnicities.

English and Māori are the official languages of New Zealand.
New Zealand has a diverse market economy, with agriculture, manufacturing, and services sectors. The country is known for its agricultural exports, including dairy products, meat, and wine. Tourism also plays a significant role in the economy due to New Zealand’s natural beauty and outdoor recreational activities.

New Zealand has a publicly funded healthcare system that provides healthcare services to residents. The country also has a well-developed education system, including primary and secondary schools, as well as universities. New Zealand universities are known for their research and academic programs.

New Zealand has a rich cultural heritage, including both Māori and European influences. Māori culture plays a significant role in New Zealand’s identity, with traditional arts, dance (haka), and language being important aspects. The country also has a thriving arts and music scene, and outdoor activities such as rugby and hiking are popular among the locals.